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On the following pages, Versorger+ presents lucrative digital business models. The cooking recipes show how you can approach the implementation quickly and efficiently. We support you with the implementation on site. During implementation, we draw on the concept of Open Innovation and specifically integrate start-ups into development in order to combine the best of both worlds.

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Municipal IOT Platform

Digitization will change every industry in the future. The Internet of Things is still bringing analog hardware to the Internet in large numbers. Remote data selection can optimize internal process costs as well as add value to products through additional digital services. What is needed is a digital infrastructure. Energy supply companies and public utilities can (perhaps) operate this local infrastructure in order to retain customers in the long term. It is easier than expected!

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Communal mobility platform

Numerous utilities would like to enter the mobility sector. Many choose a classic Car-Sharing approach and buy their own vehicles as a sharing resource. Investment costs here often skyrocket and projects come to a standstill. Versorger+ shows you how you can become a local platform operator and provide municipal companies with a digital platform on which, for example, existing pool vehicles can be integrated.

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The municipal utility as a complete supplier

The selection of commodities such as electricity, gas and water, but also the conclusion of contracts in the area of Mobile communications or DSL are not activities that generate enthusiasm among end customers. The private individual wants to spend as little time as possible on the selection of suppliers and the conclusion of contracts. For Stadtwerke has the opportunity here to offer customers a range of digital and bundled supply services. to offer a contract in order to avoid the price war on verivox and Co. A chance deserves the attention!

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service platform housing industry

The future of urban living is becoming digital. Even if the housing industry still has a lot to offer has not outed as a digital pioneer, more and more digital services can now be offered here as well. Recognize the market. The usability of all services mentioned remains problematic. Each provider often operates his own app. A platform operated by the local municipal utility can help here by existing services can be bundled and provided in a complete solution. For customers attractive solution and a lucrative platform business model for Stadtwerke.

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